Why DSLRs should never have gotten video

When HDSLRs first hit with the 550D and similar I resented the idea. They were unnatural, a poor choice for film but was aware it was mostly because it was different and appeared to make my dream cameras redundant.

Over time I’ve adjusted, hell I’ve got a GH1 sitting right next to me but this dislike has risen again. The recent catalyst was reddit (surprise surprise) but not by trolls or the usuals it was the mention of BlackMagic’s decision to cut the price of the Pocket Cinema Camera to $500, “Awesome, more people getting into using a decent video camera” I thought. What I got instead was Crop factor this and no auto that.

I read through the misinformed dribble which usually ends in “I’m getting a GH4” wondering what happened to people who knew how to film.

Back in the day if you had a small sensor (or film) camera you didn’t cry about it like you were missing something because that’s how things were. You just framed shots differently. No one cared about crop factor, it was about budget and what works not some mythical value of what a Field of View should be. 

It seems the newer flavour of film maker are all to keen to ride cruise control with their cameras. There’s so many complaints of “Auto iris doesn’t work” “AF is awful”, unless I absolutely cannot get a shot otherwise I will never touch auto anything, not because I’m some film elitist douche (though it may sound like it), but because I want to create the image. The idea of filming is to create, I want to set my WB, Iris, Focus etc. I don’t want to be told that my image should look a certain way. I want to create it and I think that is an important part of film making that’s slowly being forgotten. 

Press “Rec” to Hollywood.

Maybe I’m too cynical or to hard set in my ways.



Mint OS X - Linux Like Mac OS X

You may try it like a LiveDVD or a LiveUSB before installing this Linux Mint Qiana with Cinnamon desktop remaster made with RemasterSys. The default user account details are:
  • User: mintosx
  • Password: mintosx
Download Mint OS X 32 bits from the following links:
Download Mint OS X 64 bits from the following links: